Coding Example 01 – Ploting rotation of a function

ab = R*[a;b];

Will plot this figure,


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Plug In Device Pins Grip

Plug In Device Pins Grip

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Outcome of situation and emotions !!!

I think whenever you face a situation the outcome of that situation is very random. Just like laws of probability 50 – 50 % chances. And the factors that affect both the outcomes has many dimensions like time, database of events in our memory. Even what outcome you want is also a function of these dimensions. If you give a careful thought you may agree with me. If you imagine a particular situation at two different times you may want totally different outputs – Randomness – The language of Nature.

Even the existence of concept called GOD – 50% yes and 50 % no. When some people say yes its outcome of those dimensions in their life and same is true for other ones.

Now in case of relationships – the most important factor is load your mind with the all possible database of the other person and perform the simulation of his/her situation within you – then I think its not so difficult to be successful in that relation.

According to me even the emotions also behave same. Even though they seems like completely random they are not. Just like in our Wireless Communication, now we move to Opportunistic way. Even though noise is very random we are able to detect all signals. 😛

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Reaching 120 W.P.M. !!!


Yesterday I started improving my typing speed. My goal is to reach at-least 90 W.P.M. (Words Per Minute). So I started exploring different software available on Internet as typing tutor. I tried to use few of them but the best one I found is Letter Chase. I know some very good typing tutors available on Linux. When I started practicing I observed many different characteristics of our typing.

1. If we are typing total random words which are not present in English dictionary, like typing “ghzfsrz : uiwed 78:; udnias” or anything random like that typing speed is slowest.

2. If instead of completely random and haphazard set of words if we use words in English dictionary but not in common use, speed is still very slow with a little improvement.

3. Now when we use words common to our vocabulary but don’t use proper sentences, then again speed is slow but much better that first 2 cases .

4. If we use proper sentences in English but the topic is not familiar to you, speed is better than first 3 cases.

5. Finally if we use sentences which are very familiar at that point speed is maximum with minimum errors.

For me, above cases can be quantified in terms of W.P.M. and correctness as follows –



















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